Green Fairy. Green Muse. Green Goddess. Absinthe has been called by many names and described as "the goddess of artistic rebellion". From its early admiration by the European avant-garde, to its eventual prohibition, the history of this herbal elixir is both mysterious and alluring.

You are invited to attend a traditional French absinthe tasting in a unique gallery environment. San Diego artist Alex Dikowski is hosting intimate gatherings at basileIE Gallery during his show "Mechanics of Desire". At the intersection of art and alcohol, you'll get to experience Alex's newest artwork while imbibing a glass of the Green Fairy.

The artist will be in attendance to speak about the artwork (and will most certainly be drinking with you).


$25 per Person
Includes absinthe tasting and charcuterie

When and where is this event?
Art & Absinthe is being hosted at basileIE Gallery in Barrio Logan (just minutes from downtown San Diego). The address of the gallery is 2070 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113. Currently, we have four separate evenings planned, February 16, 24, and March 2. Thursday tastings start at 8pm, Friday tastings start at 9:30pm.

How will absinthe effect me? Will I hallucinate?
An absinthe buzz is in a category of its own. Although it contains between 50 and 70 percent alcohol, its drunkenness is described as "lucid" and "clear headed". Gary Fuller's description is interesting...

"It is as if you are here, but, at the same time, your mind also enters some other, higher level of awareness. Suddenly, you gain the capacity to observe and understand reality from another perspective. It is as if you have tapped into some strange but wonderful source of information, understanding and creativity. Your mind is crystal clear, your perception is enhanced, rich creative powers unlocked. Ideas, answers, solutions and inspiration rush towards you from all directions."

The hallucinogenic properties of absinthe are simply a myth. Absinthe is no more likely to make you see things than whiskey or vodka.

I've never tried absinthe, what if I don't like it?
Absinthe is loved by many, but not by all. We will have red and white wine for anyone who'd like it.

Will my drink be lit on fire?
There are dozens of ways to prepare absinthe. We will be doing a traditional French preparation that does not involve fire. A spoon with sugar cube will be placed over your absinthe glass, then a special fountain will drip water into your glass and dissolve the sugar cube while doing so.